Cindy Coburn-Carroll
Fifteen-time PWBA Champion
Member of USBC and PWBA Halls of Fame
WIBC Queens Champion
Five-time BWBA Women's Bowler of the Year
Mike Faliero
International Eliminator Champion
Former Team USA Member
World Team Challenge Grand Champion
Two-time Obenauer Masters Champion
Dave Guindon
International Eliminator Champion
World Team Challenge Grand Champion
Two PBA Regional Titles
Two-time Obenauer Masters Champion
Doug Kent
Ten-time PBA Champion
Member of USBC and PBA Halls of Fame
Two-time PBA World Champion
Two-time USBC Masters Champion
Former PBA Player of the Year
John Sczcerbinski
PBA Tour Player
Member of Team USA
Member of Storm Bowling/Roto Grip Pro Staff
Jocelyn Stutz
Former ACU-I Collegiate National Champion
Former Erie Community College Female Athlete of the Year
Three-time Collegiate Academic All-American
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